Why We're Here

The Bumpi Group, LLC. is a team of consultants that can give your business or organization a complete checkup from top to bottom. Our business operations and performance evaluations are meticulous and centered by marketing trends and 30 plus years of knowledge and experience. Our work is based on proven business strategies, and operational practices. The Bumpi Group LLC. is committed to corporate standards of excellence and innovation. We provide services to our clients and customers through investing into their long term success by immersing ourselves into their business environment, and meeting with their team and staff. We can help guide YOU in implementing our recommendations and direct YOUR business towards becoming a more successful operation.

Our Strategies for Success

Our Consultation includes

Customized business solutions

Public relations/Branding & Imaging

Marketing Awareness

Sale productivity

Business processes/standards

5 star customer service

Internal & External Communication skills

Management Coaching

Time Management

Sales & Marketing